Wellness Screenings & Preventative Medicine

We welcome you to take a wellness screening at our office focused on reducing risk of and preventing heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. The affordable test is covered by most health insurance providers. Dr. Abdallah Taha is a expert in preventative medicine and has conducted over 10,000 wellness screenings in the past twelve years. His passion is to help his patients live healthier and longer by using the NMR Lipoprofile test to determine their health risks and then create a plan to improve their wellness.

  • Find out your risks for diabetes, heart attack, or stroke and receive a tailored recommendation for preventative measures
  • If you have suffered from a stroke or heart attack,  take the test to receive a treatment plan that helps prevent another occurrence
  • If you have diabetes, the test can determine if you have benign diabetes with low risk of heart attack or the type of diabetes with high risk of heart attack. If you are at risk, receive a treatment plan to better control your diabetes and move from high risk to benign.
  • If diabetes runs in your family, but you have never tested positive for high sugar, you still may be at risk for “hidden diabetes.”  Often patients with “hidden diabetes” are at higher risk for heart attack and stroke because they are unaware of the disease and are not receiving treatment.   In fact, this type of diabetes has higher risk for heart attack and stroke than diabetes type 2.