Physical Therapy Department

clifton medical center physical therapy

Clifton Medical Center’s physical therapy department has a Physiotherapist on-site at all times. To achieve optimal results, we use the latest evaluation and treatment technology. This combination of leading edge equipment and one-on-one care will ease your discomfort and speed your recovery.

We offer an array of soothing treatments and rehabilitation equipment. Our enthusiastic team customizes your treatments and tailors exercise programs to get rapid results. Our goal is to restore you to optimal function and improve your quality of life. We emphasize your abilities and encourage prevention, health and fitness as a way of life so you can do all the things you enjoy.

We offer work-injury and post-injury rehabilitation programs that help prevent on-the-job injuries and lost income.

We offer rehabilitative expertise in a variety of areas, including:

  • Sports Medicine

  • Acute injury rehabilitation

  • Postsurgical rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation

  • Cervical and lumbar spine rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic injury rehabilitation

  • Back school for strong and acute low back injuries

  • Rehabilitative exercise programs

  • Cervical and lumbar rehabilitation

  • Shoulder and Knee (rotator cuff, ACL)

  • Joint Mobilization, muscle energy