What Every Person Should Know About Osteoporosis & Bone Thinning


dexa scan


A Dexa Scan measures bone fragility bone thinning, and osteoporosis.

The fracture of a hip mortality rate is 60% one year from the date of fracture (secondary to emboli or blockage, decubitus ulcers, and pneumonia). Any test that does not check your spine or hip is not quality.  The older you get, the higher your risk of osteoporosis.  In order  to reduce fracture risk you need a DEXA SCAN. It measures your bone density in the hips and spine. Thirty-four million American have low bone density, which is a preventable yet disabling disease if left untreated.  The Dexa Scan is a safe, painless and affordable test.



• Women after 45

• Men after 60

• Anyone with chronic disease:

• High blood pressure patients

• Chronic Arthritis

• Diabetics

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Smokers

• Alcoholics

• Renal or Liver diseases

• History of wrist or ankle fracture

• History of Osteoporosis or bone thinning

• Thyroid problems

• Parathyroid problems

• Cancer patients

• Patients on Chemotherapy

• Anybody who uses:

1. Cortisone therapy (3 weeks or more by mouth or injection.)

2. Anti-seizure medication

3. High dose thyroid replacement


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